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You can expect sex-positive parties with a more pronounced focus on inclusivity, freedom of expression and safety. Follow our Instagram page for more information.

Party Etiquette

This is a sex positive event. We provide a platform for dance, expression and sexual exploration.  Please read the playroom guidelines below before entering any of the play spaces or cuddle area. These are consensual play spaces, all we ask is that you respect each other, play safe and have fun.

NO PHONES! There is a strict no photos rule. We have an in house photographer who will be floating around the dance and chill areas. We will always ask for your consent before any photographs are taken. Please respect everyone’s privacy, if you are caught using your camera or taking videos you will be escorted off the premises and banned from future events.

If play spaces are your bag, consider your boundaries – Be honest with yourself and decide beforehand what you are comfortable doing. You need to think about what you are willing to participate in with a partner or a group. It is best to have these conversations beforehand. There is no guarantee you will find a playmate, keep your expectations realistic. Check in with yourself and your partners throughout the evening. If you are feeling overwhelmed speak to one of the team. The cuddle room is a chill space for aftercare – we do not allow play here.

Consent – We ask for open, clear communication about your boundaries and that you respect the boundaries of everyone around you. Consent must be verbal, ongoing, and enthusiastic and can also be withdrawn at any time. Feelings, desires, and arousal is fluid and ever changing so we ask for an acute awareness of each and every playmate’s comfort and your influence on the room. Respect the space and everyone in it. If you feel you are being coerced, please report this to the Play space Supervisor.

Whilst voyeurism is a recognised ‘non-contact’ kink and consent is required we ask that no watching and or solo masturbation takes place. We find asking members to watch their play often disrupts ‘moments’ and players find this intrusive and a general mood killer. Mind your business and be respectful.

We have event staff at the entrance of the Non-Members play space to sign you in, this is for your safety. We need to ensure you are not intoxicated and able to make conscious decisions. You will only be able to enter the playrooms if you have a play partner/s

Be safe – Please ensure you use condoms. We suggest using condoms on all sex toys and politely ask you clean up after yourselves. Each playroom has hand sanitiser, wet wipes and dry towelettes. If there is a mess left by other playmates please report this to the Playroom Supervisor. It is your responsibility to be clear and honest about your sexual health with all playmates. We ask you take regular screenings prior to these events to ensure you are not putting anyone at risk.

The group playrooms work on a traffic light system for safe words




We have a strict anti harassment policy. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind. If you are being harassed or witness any form of harassment please report it to venue management, well being monitors or door staff. We ask you NEVER TOUCH SOMEONE WITHOUT CONSENT even when you are on the dance floor. No means No and does not require an explanation.

Don’t assume sexual preferences or gender identities. Try and introduce yourself with your own pronouns or politely ask for someone’s when being introduced. Respect everyone. Discrimination toward anyone’s identity, race, gender, orientation, or body type will not be tolerated.

Risk awareness-Whilst our guidelines and guardian team aim to minimise risk and tackle issues swiftly, all accountability remains with each individual. All attendees need to be aware that despite our best efforts, risks remain.

Flag anything that doesn’t feel right with staff immediately. Reporting things shows solidarity with the community and could prevent someone else having a negative experience with a dickhead

By attending you agree to not publish or sell for publication or commercial purposes any information or images relating to attendees or the ongoings of an event without our express written permission.

Photo Policy

At CLUB LOVE LTD events we take photographs and occasional videos of our events that are used to document the essence of the event. Most of these images can then be found in a password protected gallery on www.clubloveltd.com for members of our club to view after the event. We may also use some of these images to publicise future events on social media and in print.

Event guests may appear in these photographs with GDPR ‘legitimate interest’ guidelines. We own the copyright in the photographs and control the use of them, so we want to make you aware of how they are used and what we do to help safeguard your privacy if you don’t want to appear in them.

When photography and video recording is taking place at an event, you will be notified on arrival and be given a photo wristband to consent to photographs. The photographer will not take photos of you if you have not consented.

We sometimes ask to take photographs of individuals or small groups to show pictures of their great outfits or how much fun they are having. In this instance, the photographer will ask verbally for your permission to take your photograph for the event gallery. If you change your mind at any time, you can either ask the photographer to delete the shot or contact us.

If the camera catches you in error, and you were not able to speak to the photographer about it at the event, you can contact us on clubloveltd@gmail.com. We will ask you to identify the photograph and your location in it. If you can be identified in the photograph, we will immediately remove it from the gallery and all our channels.

The photographer will be easily identifiable and will be the only person officially permitted to take photographs or videos at the event. Event guardians will also be easily identifiable with pink arm bands and pink high viz vests for any queries about images.

Anyone who does not want to appear in photographs can make themselves known to the photographer or one of the guardians/staff at the door and will not be given a wristband and we shall make every effort to keep you out of shot, however, as an additional precaution, attendees are also asked to take care to avoid the camera themselves – If you do not wish to have your image displayed on our channels please do not pose for them.

Should you have any concerns about privacy please contact: clubloveltd@gmail.com


We encourage you to creatively interpret our dress-code guidelines by stepping outside social convention and your comfort zone. We want raw sexual desire, provocation, and punk rebellion. Please understand that streetwear, xero or little effort outfits will diminish the experience for other guests who have made an effort to truly explore and express themselves. Safeguarding is of the utmost importance; therefore , we may refuse entry to anyone whose outfit or vibe communicates a lack of understanding required to navigate these spaces.

If you are new to the scene please stick to the following: Kink, PVC, Latex, Rubber, Leather, Fuck off boots, Klub Kids, Drag, Fetish, Lace and Body chains


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